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Universal Pack designs and builds a wide range of vertical, continuous-motion sachet packaging machines. Our sachet machines guarantee a compact solution combining the highest output with a small footprint. These solutions include many advantages, such as great dose accuracy, minor wrapping material waste, easy handling and cleaning. Moreover, our user-friendly and modular sachet machines allow our customers to reduce downtime and fulfill their increasingly high production demands.

The machine’s output is based on the number of lanes and speed (cycles/min). Sachet dimensions determine the maximum number of lanes, whilst the speed depends on the product, film, dose, sachet format and many other factors.

Packaging machines for sachets

Universal Pack sachet packaging machines are vertical continuous-motion machines to produce convenient, practical and easy to use 4-side-seal sachets. We provide your user-friendly sachet packaging machine with any dosing system, depending on the characteristics of your product. Morevoer, our machines can produce a wide range of sachets with different sizes and shapes.

Our machines can both work with cold- and hot-filled products for food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

Which dosing systems suit sachet packaging machines?

We build any dosing system with a cutting-edge technology, depending on your product characteristics. In fact, we provide our machines with the following filling systems, according to your needs:

  • Auger and basculating for powders and granules;
  • Gravimetric and flowmeter for liquid or semiliquid products;
  • Piston pump for liquid, semiliquid or viscous products.

Moreover, we design each sachet machine to guarantee high levels of precision, quality and efficiency.

Sachet packaging machines in our catalogue

Since a wide range of products with different characteristics can be packed in 4-seals sachets, Universal Pack has been designing customized sachet machines with specifically-dedicated dosing systems, based on the product qualities. Moreover, our sachet machines can produce shaped sachets thanks to our monoblock sealing and cutting system, in order to meet your needs in terms of packaging design. For all these reasons, our sachet packaging solutions include:

  • Sachet machine for seeds and herbs,
  • Sachet machine for tablets;
  • Sachet machine for wet wipes and swabs;
  • Sachet machine for pastes, specifically-dedicated for products such as rodenticide paste;
  • Sachet machine for grated cheese;
  • Sachet machine for objects, with automatic, semi-automatic or manual feeding systems;
  • Sachet machine for flexible formats, which allows easy and fast changeovers;
  • Sachet machine for bag in bag solution;
  • Sachet machine with monoblock sealing system, for shaped sachets;
  • Sachet machine for ultraclean packaging, for the highest levels of hygiene

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