Almost 60 years of innovative solutions for an industry that back then was still in its infancy.

The story begins. Gino Donati, only a clever teenager then, goes to secondary school. He first bumps into a hand-cranked packaging machine during an exhibition in Rimini Town Theater. His smart interest and curiosity are immediately clear. We’ll call this the first “spark”.


Gino eventually comes into contact with a business in San Giovanni in Marignano that had entered the thermosealed films packaging industry. Here comes the second “spark”.

He then moves to Turin and starts working as a technical operator in a company dealing with the co-packing activity of several products. This time will turn out to be extremely useful for gaining experience in the industry.


Gino comes back to San Giovanni in Marignano, where he founds a company and starts building his first thermosealing packaging machine, able to pack several products in a unique simple and versatile design for that time. From these features, the name “Universal Pack” was born.


Right during the Italian economic “boom” the first Universal Pack machines start to appear. The non-stop technological innovation led by Mr. Donati commences: years of countless premium solutions designed and built for different markets and uses.


Gino’s philosophy is to produce on your own anyhting you can do by yourself. He had already realized that manufacturing in-house the machine components lets you have much more control on the solutions you are offering. This is how the first production plant was built.  A clear path ahead.


Universal Pack machines are already spread through different continents. These packaging solutions got to be renowned worldwide as synonym of the quality “Made in Italy”. Gino decides to build a new factory (1000 sq m) next to the main plant in order to increase the in-house production of machine components.


Some significant packaging lines with increased performances start to appear. The main challenge concerns matching the cartoning solution output to cope with the production of 2 sachet machines in an integrated complete system. Here is a complete line with 2 multi-lane machine by Universal Pack.


From the request of an Italian sugar producer, Universal Pack builds the first sachet machine for sugar in Italy able to print the sachet graphics in line. A true innovation for the time.


The high demand in Universal Pack’s machines worldwide leads Mr. Donati to the expansion of the 80s factory, with additional 2,000 sq m.


With the advent of more sophisticated electronic controls and systems, machines start to get more complex in design and construction, as well as increasingly customized based on the customers’ requests.


As one of the company’s core values, innovation is not only welcomed but continuously sought after. One of the many patents held by Universal Pack is the exit on the back of a stick-pack machine. An example of a simple yet smart way of improving the ergonomic design.


Pietro Donati, Gino’s elder son, becomes the new CEO of Universal Pack, bringing a fresh air of innovation. In fact, the following years of in-depth research and development are key for the design and construction of many innovative solutions.


This is a year of new disruptive solutions. The first Alfa Flexi is built, the revolution of the stick pack machine as we know it: versatile, highly efficient and built in modules, allowing for many stick pack formats on one and only machine.

Yet another groundbreaking machine is crafted, Theta. With an innovative sealing concept, especially designed for processing pharmaceutical heat-sensitive powders, this high-speed sachet machine allows for the highest outputs in a modular reliable solution.


Following the Covid and global supply chain crisis, Pietro Donati decides to enlarge Universal Pack’s storage capacity with the construction of new vertical automated warehouses. Acquiring more components in advance allows to cope with the components scarcity in times of high demand.


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