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Universal Pack designs and builds cartoning machines for the insertion of stacked sachets or stick packs in pre-glued and flat blank cartons. Our cartoning machines combine robust and compact footprint with great solidity, reliability and high throughput.

We provide our secondary packaging machines to guarantee total flexibility in cartons’ formats. The format of your cartons depends on the number of stick packs and sachets you want to insert. The double balcony allows maximum accessibility to the machine from both front and rear side. In fact, our cartoning machines allow easy access to operators for fast parts and size changeovers.

What are the differences between cartoning machine for pre-glued and flat blank cartons?

Whether flat blank or pre-glued cartons, Universal Pack provides you with  customized carton packaging machines, according to your needs.

In case of flat blank cartons, we provide you with a cartoning machine with two units: one forming machine and one closing machine. After having formed the carton, the machine fills it with the packages by our counting and stacking unit through the top loading system. After that, the filled cartons flow into the closing machine.

In case of pre-glued cartons, our cartoning machine is responsible for the insertion of the stick packs or sachets into the carton through the side loading system. After having collected the packages from the counting and stacking unit, the infeed chain transfers them to the insertion unit. After the insertion, the last unit of the cartoning machine glues and closes the carton to be ready for the exit.

Both cartoning machines for flat blank and pre-glued cartons are totally built in-house. The cartoning machines can be easily integrated with our primary packaging machines for stick packs and sachets to create a fully-automatic customized packaging line.

Which secondary packaging solutions are also suitable with stick pack and sachet machines?

On request, we can provide you with packaging machines for flowpacks and american boxes.

How can you check weights, labels and tracking of the cartons?

Our range of secondary packaging machines include our EOL and T&T module. We provide the End of Line and Track & Trace machine with cartons weigher, variable data print station and labeler for tamper evident. Every step has its checks through dedicated vision system and reject stations for the non-complying cartons.

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