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Universal Pack has been designing and building customized automatic packaging lines for sachets in cartons for more than 50 years.

Our primary packaging machine for sachets feeds our patented counting and stacking unit, which is totally customizable. Then, this unit transfers the sachets to the secondary packaging machine or even directly inserts them into the carton in case of top loading with flat blanks. With pre-glued cartons, the cartoning machine provides for side loading. Our secondary packaging machines insert the leaflet and close the cartons before their exit. In addition to that, we design specifically-dedicated systems for on edge placement and multi-level cartoning.

We are the single supplier of custom-built packaging lines. We design and develop the best solution to integrate the primary packaging machine with the cartoning machine, in order to guarantee the highest efficiency. Nevertheless, we can integrate in our packaging lines even third-party machinery: this feature enhances the flexibility of our machines and lines.

Our packaging lines are completely integrated and user-friendly. In fact, you need only one operator to manage all the processes of our line.

What is the composition of our packaging lines for sachets in cartons?

All the packaging lines for sachets in cartons designed by Universal Pack include:

  • At least one sachet packaging machine. We provide your machine to produce the sachets with the dimensions and doses requested;
  • Counting and stacking unit. We design this section with many possibilities of customization depending on counts, sachets position, including on edge placement, and sachets transfer. We provide patented systems to fulfill any request, including on edge placement;
  • Secondary packaging machine. There are multiple solutions, which depend on the type of carton requested, pre-glued or flat blank.

Sachet packaging machines

Universal Pack designs and builds customized solutions for primary packaging. Our machines can produce a wide range of sachets for any kind of product.

We can provide your sachet machine with any dosing system, according to your needs and depending on the product characteristics. For this reason, we offer:

  • Auger and basculating for powders and granules;
  • Gravimetric and flowmeter for liquid or semi-liquid products;
  • Piston pump for liquid, semi-liquid or viscous products.

Moreover, we design each sachet machine to guarantee high levels of precision, quality and efficiency.

Counting and stacking unit

Universal Pack patented counting and stacking units are completely customizable. We give you the possibility to pack into cartons as many sachets as you want, in your preferred position. The entire packaging line is flexible, whether in the number of sachets into the carton or their position inside of it.

On request, we can provide our counting and stacking units with a specifically-dedicated patented system to turn “on edge” the sachets. Then, each row of stick packs is transferred into the pockets of the cartoning machine infeed chain.

Moreover, we can provide our on edge placement system with a further patented technology installed in the cartoning unit, which allows you to insert sachets on edge in a two-level box, with or without separator between the two levels.

Cartoning machines for pre-glued or flat blank cartons

We provide our cartoning machines depending on the nature of your carton. Once the counting and stacking unit has transferred the sachets to the cartoning station, those ones can be inserted into the cartons in different ways.

On one hand, we provide our cartoning machines for pre-glued cartons with the side loading system. This means that the cartoning machine inserts the sachets from the side of the carton. Moreover, the cartoning unit for pre-glued cartons includes some fundamental accessories such as dynamic or static checkweigher, leaflet insertion systems with presence check and tamper evident labeling machine.

On the other hand, cartoning machines for flat blank cartons are erecting and closing machines to form boxes from flat blanks. For this reason, this solution includes two different units: one dedicated to the forming of the boxes and one dedicated to their closing with hot-melt glue. We provide this type of cartoning machine with top loading system. In fact, the counting and stacking unit inserts the sachets into the cartons from the top. As the previous cartoning machine for pre-glued, this type of machine can include the same accessories.

Flexible, user-friendly and integrated. Universal Pack packaging lines for sachets in cartons are the expression of our constant innovation:

  • Patented multi-level cartoning
  • Modular format change for sachets and cartons without tools
  • Total flexibility in counts (any count available)
  • Minimized carton volume
  • Exclusive leaflet positioning
  • Multi-lane checkweighing
  • Removable dosing unit
Sachets in cartons

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