Universal Pack designs and builds stick pack and sachet packaging machines and cartoning lines for other chemicals such as molecular sieves and plant granules. Understanding the needs of our customers is the first step to create and design solutions for their satisfaction in terms of flexibility, reliability and efficiency.

This category includes all the chemicals not mentioned in the other pages of this section. For this reason, we can provide our solutions for other chemicals with different dosing systems.

Firstly, auger and basculating are the right option for both free-flowing and non free-flowing chemical powders and granules. Secondly,  we designed gravimetric and flowmeter for the dosage of liquid chemicals. To conclude, we can provide our versatile piston pump for low- and high-viscosity liquids.

Moreover, we provide sealing blocks made of titanium and carbon, which allow the dosage of corrosive chemical products

Our internal laboratory analyzes your product and laminate, to design and build the best solution for your need. After internal tests and a thorough design review, we can manufacture your customized machine.

Which formats are suitable for packaging other chemicals?

Our machines and lines are specifically-dedicated to single-dose packages like stick packs and sachets. Their dimensions vary depending on your marketing goals, nature of the products and production requirements. In a single pack, we can dose:

  • from 0,1 up to 100 gr of chemical powders, granules and pastes;
  • from 0,1 up to 100 gr of chemical viscous and liquids;
  • 1 or more tablets;
  • 1 item.

In packaging lines for cartoning, our systems allow you to put from 1 up to 100 or more sachets or stick packs in the same carton. We have developed patented counting units for any amount of packages to be picked and put into cartons. In recent years, our philosophy is to save as much material and product as possible, both for economic and environmental sustainability.

Which laminates are suitable for packaging other chemicals?

Our machines can process all typical heat-sealable composite films, for example: PAP-PE (Paper – Polyethylene); PAP-ALU-PE (Paper – Aluminum – Polyethylene); PET-ALU-PE (polyethylene terephthalate – aluminum – polyethylene) and cold sealable materials. Our machines can also package sustainable laminates such as PP (Polypropylene), PLA (Polylactic Acid), PAP (Paper), Bio-PE (Bio-based polyethylene), and more on request.

Optional devices for other chemicals packaging machine.

  • Product pre-feeding groups
  • Inkjet printers
  • Laser printers
  • Automated visual control devices
  • Pick and place systems
  • Inline check weighing systems
  • Inline integration with different secondary collecting systems such as automatic cartoning systems and strip folding devices
  • Ionizing bars


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