Sachet Machine for Pharmaceutical Objects

Universal Pack specializes in designing and manufacturing a diverse selection of custom-built sachet packaging machines. Our vertical continuous-motion sachet machines are specifically designed to handle various types of objects used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Built for Pharma

Our pharmaceutical packaging machines come with the most complete range of accessories, controls and documentation for any packaging machine:

  • Extensive presence of probes and heaters to achieve the highest accuracy and controls of the sealing temperature throughout the whole sealing block.
  • Optical controls OCR/OCV for identification, verification, tracing and tracking of variable data and pharma codes on the laminate.
  • CFR 21 part 11 for regulating different users access and governing the use of electronic records and signatures in the pharmaceutical industry. This includes audit trail and history of alarms to keep track of all machine events.
  • Encryption of Projects and Resources to safeguard projects and resources from unauthorized access.
  • OPC UA protocol ensuring the connection to the machine PLC and the data exchange with the customer MES.
  • Production Batch Management to create batches, record, save and export all data accordingly.
  • Weight control with millesimal weighing cell and feedback to the doser to ensure the highest accuracy and fast retroactive dosing correction.
  • Automatic rejections of non-compliant sachets.
  • Systems for traceability, serialization and aggregation.
  • Validation documents DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ as well as FDS/HDS/SDS.


  • Customer- and product-specific design with maximum flexibility
  • Robust, compact machinery footprint, user-friendly technology
  • Optimal accessibility, easy handling, modular design and quick cleaning through “swivel” mounted dosing units. No tools needed for disassembling
  • Product-oriented filling technologies
  • Wide adjustment range
  • Fast, easy parts and size changeover, with high operating comfort
  • Washdown operations
  • Conformity with cGMP, ease of cleaning and easy access to all machine parts
  • Good visibility of the product flow and of the packaging
  • Clear and modular structure


  • Conformity with CE and FDA regulations
  • ULM certification predisposition
  • Transparent running cost: automated estimation of the machine’s production costs ensures the best quality at a competitive price.
  • TPM: we provide our customers with a wide range of tools aimed at improving machines capability through a better utilization of maintenance by following the TPM Total Productive Maintenance philosophy
  • Technical support on site or/and through remote assistance
  • Transfer data management and real time performance analysis
  • FMEA and Risk Assessment Management
Bag in Bag

Universal Pack sachet machines are specifically-dedicated to single-dose packages. For example, we can dose 1 item in a sachet, whose dimensions vary depending on your marketing goals, nature of the products and production requirements.

Moreover, we provide you with the possibility to easily integrate your sachet machine in a Universal Pack packaging line for cartoning. Our lines allow you to put from 1 up to 100 or more sachets in the same carton. We have developed patented counting units for any amount of packages to be picked up and put into cartons. In recent years, our philosophy is to save as much material and product as possible, both for economic and environmental sustainability.

Universal Pack sachet machines for objects can process all typical heat-sealable composite films, for example: PAP-PE (paper – polyethene), PAP-ALU-PE (paper – aluminum – polyethylene), PET-ALU-PE (polyethene terephthalate – aluminium – polyethene) and cold sealable materials. Our machines can also package sustainable laminates such as PP (polypropylene), PLA (polylactic acid), PAP (paper), Bio-PE (bio-based polyethene), and more on request.

Our non-stop research in reducing the packaging industry carbon footprint resulted in streamlined machinery design for processing recycled, recyclable and compostable laminates. LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) is used to measure the environmental impact of our products and identify optimal ways to reduce it. It is a 360° analysis that goes beyond the mere packaging produced and involves every step of the packaging machinery production process. We develop our solutions shoulder-to-shoulder with the main global film suppliers and test them in agreement with major multinational companies in order to provide them with a turnkey solution able to produce eco-packages.

Get in touch with our sales team!


Get in touch with our sales team!


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