Universal Pack offers a comprehensive range of natural yeast stick pack and sachet packaging machines and cartoning lines.

The challenges of packaging natural yeast in stick packs and sachet

While seemingly convenient, packaging natural yeast in stick packs and sachets presents unexpected hurdles:

Freshness Foe: Like other living organisms, yeast thrives on moisture, but too much is its downfall. Robust seals and high-barrier materials are crucial to maintain viability.

Temperature Trouble: Natural yeast is sensitive to both heat and cold. Special packaging or storage recommendations might be necessary to ensure optimal performance.

Flavor Fallout: Natural yeast offers unique, nuanced flavors compared to baker’s yeast. Maintaining these delicate profiles within packaging materials and processing methods proves challenging.

Beyond the Technical: Light exposure can degrade natural yeast’s activity and flavor. Light-blocking materials or specific storage recommendations become crucial for optimal results.

However, convenience triumphs despite the challenges.

Messy measuring and activating cultures become a thing of the past. These stick packs and sachets are perfect for home or on-the-go baking adventures, and a variety of strains allows exploration of unique flavors. Stick packs and sachets guarantee consistent results, simplifying the baking process.

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