Cartoning Machine for Flat Blank Cartons

Universal Pack designs and manufactures forming and closing machines for flat blank cartons, seamlessly integrated with our stick pack and sachet packaging machines. Automatic carton forming machines use mechanical formers and hot-melt glue to erect boxes from flat blank cartons. Automatic carton closing machines seal boxes using tuck and hot-melt glue. Together with forming machines, they offer complete secondary packaging solutions with flexible carton formats and various openings, providing versatile solutions for pharmaceutical packaging needs.

Built for Pharma

These customized cartoning machines come with the most complete range of accessories, controls and documentation for any packaging machine, such as:

  • Optical controls OCR/OCV;
  • CFR 21 Part 11 compliance;
  • Project and Resource encryption;
  • OPC UA Protocol;
  • Production batch management;
  • In line Weight control and Automatic rejection of non-compliant cartons;
  • Tamper-evident systems and Labelling devices;
  • Leaflet folding and inserting device;
  • Traceability and Serialization/Aggregation systems;
  • Validation documents (DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ/FSD/HDS/SDS).


  • Modular format change for cartons without tools
  • Optimal accessibility and easy handling
  • Total flexibility in counts (any count available)
  • Minimized carton volume
  • Exclusive leaflet positioning
  • Multi-lane and box checkweighing


  • Conformity with CE/FDA regulations
  • UL certification predisposition
  • Transparent running cost: automated estimation of the machine’s production costs ensures the best quality at a competitive price.
  • TPM:  we provide our customers with a wide range of tools aimed at improving machine capability through a better utilization of maintenance by following the TPM Total Productive Maintenance philosophy
  • Technical support on site or/and through remote assistance
  • Data transfer management and real time performance analysis
  • FMEA and Risk Assessment Management
FS - Flat blank
FS - Casket opening
FS - Side opening
FS - Flip top
FS - Head opening
FS - Perforation
FS - Casket opening + glue closure

Our machines for flat blank cartons guarantee total flexibility in cartons’ formats. Your carton format and dimensions vary depending on the number of sachets to be inserted. We can insert only 1 or 2 sachets in smaller cartons (min. 90 x 70 x 35 mm), or even 100 or more sachets in cartons with larger formats (max. 250 x 170 x 120 mm). We have developed patented counting units for any amount of packages to be picked up and inserted into cartons. In recent years, our philosophy is to save as much material and product as possible, both for economic and environmental sustainability.

Our non-stop research in reducing the packaging industry carbon footprint resulted in streamlined machinery design for processing recycled, recyclable and compostable laminates. LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) is used to measure the environmental impact of our products and identify optimal ways to reduce it. It is a 360° analysis that goes beyond the mere packaging produced and involves every step of the packaging machinery production process. We develop our solutions shoulder-to-shoulder with the main global film suppliers and test them in agreement with major multinational companies in order to provide them with a turnkey solution able to produce eco-packages.

Get in touch with our sales team!


Get in touch with our sales team!


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