PACKPEDIA – The Encyclopedia of Packaging by UP

Packing Powders

Powders are very miscellaneous in their composition and may vary greatly according to some properties such as their stickiness, the presence of granules, their tendency to charge electrostatically, just to mention some (discover Universal Pack Laboratory for on-demand analysis of your products and laminates). Single-dose is extremely widespread and a favorable choice for plenty of powder markets such as coffee mixes, spices, sugar, pharmaceutical powders, food supplements and so on.

For this instance, the dosing systems dedicated to powders need several adjustments to adapt to the properties and dosage quantity of a given product.

Here are some of the most common dosing systems for powders:

  • Auger: electronically programmable screws to dose the correct amount of powder, especially recommended for non-free-flowing, sticky or lumpy powders. It is possible to micro metrically vary the rotational speed and number of turns of the screws, resulting in high filling accuracy, fast and simple adjustment of the operational parameters.§
  • Basculating: volumetric oscillating cups with micrometrical adjustment of the dose, ideal when working with granules or free-flowing powders. Two triangular shaped cups are placed on either side of a separating plate, and while one is being filled, the other cup discharges the product into the sachet by means of the dosing tube.

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