Universal Pack offers a comprehensive range of pet food in powder stick pack and sachet packaging machines and cartoning lines.

Offering both convenience and affordability, single-serve packages in 4-side-seal sachets and sticks are popular for their portability, freshness-preserving properties, and accurate dose control.

The challenges of packaging pet food in powder in stick packs and sachets

While convenience and portion control are key factors for stick packs and sachets, the packaging process presents unique challenges.

Freshness: Powders are more susceptible to moisture and oxygen than kibble. These elements can degrade fats, vitamins, and overall palatability. Ensuring the packaging creates a robust barrier against these factors becomes paramount.

Portion Control: Precise portioning is crucial for pet health. Stick packs and sachets need to be designed for easy and mess-free dispensing, especially for powdered pet food that can easily create dust and cling.

Material: Choosing the right packaging material is key. The material needs to be strong enough to withstand potential punctures or tears, yet be easy for pet owners to open.

Machinery: Filling powdered pet food into stick packs and sachets requires specialized machinery. These machines need to be able to handle the flow characteristics of the powder accurately and efficiently to ensure consistent portion sizes and minimize waste.

Nevertheless, pet food in powder in stickpacks and sachets is the ideal choice for those seeking a high-quality product that is convenient.

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Universal Pack’s unique combination of expertise, quality, flexibility, global reach, and commitment to innovation sets us apart from other producers of vertical packaging machines and automatic lines. We are at the forefront of innovation in the packaging industry, constantly investing in research and development to introduce new technologies and enhancements to our machines.

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