Universal Pack offers a comprehensive range of silica gel stick pack and sachet packaging machines and cartoning lines.

4-side-seal sachets and sticks are popular for their convenience and affordability. Single-serve packages are easy to carry and use, ensure product freshness and accurate dosing.

The challenges of packaging silica gel in stick packs and sachets

Stick packs and sachets offer the undeniable benefits of convenience and dosing control, but their production comes with its own set of challenges.

The biggest concern is moisture. Silica gel absorbs moisture from the air, and if the packaging isn’t airtight, the gel can clump or even dissolve. Even if the package is sealed, the silica gel can lose its moisture-absorbing ability over time, especially in humid environments. This is why choosing the right packaging material and storing the packets in dry conditions is crucial.

Another challenge is keeping the packages intact. The thin films used are susceptible to punctures and tears, which can allow moisture back in. Careful handling and using puncture-resistant materials are essential. Additionally, silica gel can generate dust, which can be problematic in certain applications like food or electronics. Using larger particles and incorporating dust filters into the packaging can help mitigate this issue.

Despite the challenges, single-dose silica gel packages offer potential benefits like convenience and dosing control. Overcoming these hurdles could lead to a new way to manage moisture control.

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Universal Pack’s unique combination of expertise, quality, flexibility, global reach, and commitment to innovation sets us apart from other producers of vertical packaging machines and automatic lines. We are at the forefront of innovation in the packaging industry, constantly investing in research and development to introduce new technologies and enhancements to our machines.

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