Discover our Alfa Flexi Stick Pack Machine, designed to be suitable with any product, from powders to liquids.

Versatile, precise, efficient and user friendly. Thanks to the combination of different modules, it guarantees minimum downtime and a fast changeover in a compact footprint.

We design our Alfa Flexi following pharmaceutical industry hygienic design standards in compliance with Hygienic Design regulations.

The Fastest Changeover & Minimum Downtime. Alfa Flexi Stick Pack Machine.

The Fastest Changeover & Minimum Downtime. Alfa Flexi Stick Pack Machine.

Alfa Flexi stick pack machine. From powders to liquids – On the same machine.

We can provide your stick pack machine for flexible formats with any dosing system, according to your needs and depending on your product characteristics. In fact, we offer:

  • Auger and basculating for powders and granules;
  • Gravimetric and flowmeter for liquid or semiliquid products;
  • Piston pump for liquid, semiliquid or viscous products.

Easy and fast changeovers give you the possibility to switch from powders to liquids. For this reason, we can provide your Alfa Flexi with two different dosing systems, according to your needs.

The company’s patented design to insert and fold sealing film around forming tubes represents one of the advantages that ensures maximum efficiency and reliability. Thanks to this Universal Pack machines are known worldwide.


  • 2 in 1: powders and liquids on the same machine
  • Modular system to quickly change stick-pack width
  • Robust, compact machinery footprint, user-friendly technology
  • Optimal accessibility, easy handling, quick cleaning thanks to “swivel” mounted dosing units. No tools needed for disassembling
  • Different filling system available to guarantee higher accuracy, depending on the product characteristics
  • Wide parametres adjustment range
  • CIP & COP systems
  • Fast, easy parts and size changeover, with high operating comfort
  • Washdown operations
  • Conformity with cGMP, ease of cleaning and easy access to all machine parts
  • Good visibility of the product flow and of the packaging
  • Clear and modular structure


  • Conformity with CE and FDA regulations
  • UL certification predisposition
  • Transparent running cost: automated estimation of the machine’s production costs ensures the best quality at a competitive price.
  • TPM: we provide our customers with a wide range of tools aimed at improving machines capability through a better utilization of maintenance by following the TPM Total Productive Maintenance philosophy
  • Technical support on site or/and through remote assistance
  • Data transfer management and real time performance analysis
  • FMEA and Risk Assessment Management


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