Pack Expo 2023

Universal Pack, a leading company in the packaging industry, participated in the Pack Expo trade show in Las Vegas, held from September 11-13, 2023. Pack Expo is the most important trade show in the Americas, and no other event brings together the packaging industry to provide tailored solutions and innovative formulas for all industrial sectors. This is why Universal Pack’s participation was extremely strategic.

During the trade show, three types of products were presented, entirely made in Italy. These products will allow customers to save production time and costs, and they are also focused on environmental sustainability, which are important themes for the American market, which is attentive to environmental impact and attracted to Made in Italy products.
The participation in the trade show aimed to improve the company’s competitiveness in the international market, thanks to the digital presentation of innovative and sustainable products that have led to an increase in the company’s American revenue.

The specific goals achieved through participation in the trade show can be summarized as follows:
• Acquisition of new international prospects by highlighting the unique features and strengths of Universal Pack in a co-creation approach with its customers to meet even the most demanding needs, through digital twin product presentations.
• Customer loyalty by showing existing customers new eco-sustainable solutions.
• Coverage of new foreign market segments, mainly the United States and North America, by presenting new products through an international showcase.
• Confirmation of the company’s brand on the market, reaffirming its competitive positioning as a leader in Italy and anticipating market needs compared to competitors.
• Brand reinforcement by proposing new services and products in line with the needs of customers/prospects.

In addition, participation in Pack Expo 2023 led to the following expected results:
• Number of stand visits: 90
• % of existing customers visits: 20%
• % of new customers visits: 80%
• % of international customers visits: 100%
• % of conversion from prospect/lead to customer: 5%
• % of US revenue increase: +100%

When: 11 - 13 September 2023
Where: Las Vegas · USA
Booth / Stand: SU-7272

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