Vertical packaging machines for single-dose packaging


Delta 130 are intermittent motion cartoning machines for packaging of stacked sachets in pre-glued cartons. Delta 130 series machines combine the advantages of reduced overall dimensions with greater solidity, reliability and high throughput.


Delta 130 intermittent motion horizontal cartoners are entirely made with double balcony construction, designed around three basic concepts: versatility, ergonomics and maximum efficiency in a small footprint.

Thanks to the state of art engineering design, these machines offer a wide range of carton sizes and shapes.

The product handling is combined with fast changeovers (ensured by advanced computer-controlled technology) suitable for a wide range of product infeed systems and optional systems.

Simplicity, endurance and quick size changeover are the strength and the key of success of Universal Pack machines and lines, guaranteeing at the same time the highest efficiency as well as simplified maintenance and improved user-friendliness of the machine itself. 


Each Delta 130 machine is designed for the cartoning process on individual product specifications and aimed to guarantee the highest levels of precision, quality, efficiency and flexibility even of specific robotized feeding systems.

All insertion systems are constructed with cutting edge technology and fitted with various units, to suit the product to be treated.

Delta 130 can be set up with any primary packaging system and can accommodate a large range of carton sizes and insertion layouts.

Universal Pack will assist you on choosing the most suitable infeed system for your product.

turn key solutions
turn key solutions

Universal Pack Packaging Technology strives to serve its customers as a single-source supplier of complete solutions for  primary and secondary packaging, including the integration of third party equipment.

Through its innovative product portfolio of standard and customized stand-alone machines, modular lines and fully integrated systems, Universal Pack aims to deliver the best solutions for the specific needs of customers.

Whether you are looking for a standard single machine, a complex system or a customized solution, Universal Pack offers primary and secondary packaging equipment tailored to your requirements.

We can also assist you in integrating third-party equipment for highly specialized lines.

technical specifications
technical specifications

Double Balcony (cantilever) frame construction allows operator access from front and rear of the machine and simple cleaning, maintenance, inspection and size changeover operations.

Differentiated placement of mechanical and drive units as well as separated product handling are basis for a clean machine, assuring safety when executing lot changes, also preventing carton dust and fragments from falling onto main drive components.

Delta 130 cartoners have a completely enclosed structure with safety devices on all the opening parts to ensure overall protection and compliance with all the current safety regulations.

It combines proven technology with new features such as positive carton opening and innovative, simply and positive carton transport, ensuring aesthetically impeccable packaging.


principles and operations
principles and operations

stick pack 4 side seal sachet packaging line primary secondary packaging machine


Cartoning machines  series Delta 130 allow  a full range of models and solutions for secondary packaging requirements, taking into account the following necessities:

  • Wide adjustment range, fastand easy parts and size change over entirely made from operator side
  • IP65& Washdown
  • Robustand  compact/ reduced foot print machinery
  • Optimal accessibility, easy handling and quick cleaning thanks to modular design. (Disassembly with no tool)
  • High-capacity motorized horizontal carton storage magazine (1,5 mt)
  • The feed technologies utilized are specific to the client’s products, ensuring high speed, accuracy and reliability
  • Conformity with cGMP, ease of cleaning and easy access to all machine parts thanks to the double balconyinnovative design. The user-friendly operation height and the good visibility to the product flow allow optimal and easy operations of the machine. The clear and modular structure enables good accessibility for operation, maintenance and cleaning
  • All feeding groups are located in ergonomic position, in order to make the loading easy for the operator
  • Conformitywith CE/FDA regulations
  • ULMcertification predisposition
  • Transparent running cost: automated estimation of the machine’s production costs ensures the best quality at a competitive price
  • TPM : we provide costumers a wide range of tools aimed at improving machines capability through a better utilization of maintenance by following the philosophy of TPM Total Productive Maintenance (Self-diagnosis and help functions)
  • Technical supporton site or/and through remote assistance
  • The high capacity carton magazine is positioned  on the operator side in a ergonomic position to facilitate loading and reduce loading frequency
  • Device for boxes opening and putting into positive volume entirely configurable by operator to suit every need and type of box (the forming can be programmed with “overbreaking” or any motion and duration law in order to work even delicate and troublesome boxes making a gradual and delicate opening). Each parameter is savable / loadable with a touch of monitor
  • The rapid centralized adjustments of the product and carton conveyor belts, the rapid size setting systems with no need for tools, allow rapid and precise size change adjustments
  • Best ergonomics for access, changeover, cleaning, trouble shooting achieved thanks to cantilever structure completely of aluminum/stainless steel structure and to guards design, which allow easy materials loading
  • Wide range of product infeed systems and optional systems (various coding systems, leaflets/ booklets, barcode readers, rejection groups)
  • Various carton closing options
  • Automatic rejection of incomplete products/cartons or faulty barcode reading
  • Innovative design with cantilever double balcony structure ensures total accessibility and best ergonomics
  • Universal Pack cartoners offer compact layout for the best use of space
  • Positive carton opening, belt carton and product transport ensure maximum care of your products
  • Its working process is adaptable to the specific product thanks to advanced electronic technology applied to carton opening and product insertion
  • Fast and easy tool-free changeovers (central adjustments)
  • Touch screen interface with online machine status control and changeover data storage
  • Low maintenance and wear
optional devices
optional devices
  • Automatic product feeders
  • Automatic leaflet or booklet feeders
  • Barcode, part number and camera for vision system
  • Wide selection of coding systems: Ink jet, Laser or Ink/Embossing
  • Glue or tuck in carton closure
  • Possibility to install an automatic pre-folded leaflet feeder, or a leaflet folder GUK unit, always in an easy and accessible position for the operator

Automatic vertical packaging machines for all needs: since 50 years we are bringing innovation to the world of single-dose packaging, producing high-performance automatic vertical bagging machines which we can adjust to the costumer’s specific needs. Besides single-serve packaging machines, our primary and secondary products line can satisfy the most peculiar packaging needs, producing 4 side heat-sealed bags, shaped sachets, stick-packs and hollow-punch cases. We are always in absolute control of the situation, as design, production and assembly of each packaging machine take place in our company.

Our packaging machines are designed and manufactured entirely by us, therefore we are able to produce customised machines, packaging lines and solutions for every commodity sector. In addition, it is possible to edit operational parameters via touch-screen display, with no need for mechanical intervention. Overall, all the operating parameters are electronically managed and thus they can be edited without interrupting the production phase. Furthermore, all our automatic vertical packaging machines were designed and tested to work 24/7.

Every year we invest in research and development in the field of single-dose packaging, so that our automatic vertical packaging machines can become even more trustworthy and efficient. This has allowed us to manufacture productive machines which remain excellent even after 30 years of use. Their reliability is guaranteed by our company’s factory, which produces over the 80% of the machines’ components, and strict quality control. In order to adapt the production of automatic vertical packaging machines to the market needs, we implement power supply groups to allow the existing packaging system to elaborate complementary products.