We take inspiration from the effectiveness of our machines to draw out the path to a fruitful collaboration.

Customer is contacted and their request is received.

Technical Evaluation

Carried out by the Area Manager (salesperson within the company responsible for the customer’s country) and supported by the Project Manager and the various design departments to develop a technical-commercial offer accompanied with:

–       2D and 3D layouts;

–       tests on the physical characteristics of the customer’s product to select the most suitable dosage system;

–       production test at agreed maximum speed, using the customer’s product and wrapping material and, using high-precision instruments, check dosing tolerances and sealing strength, even in the toughest conditions.

Technical Brief

Technical definition of the order with a briefing between the various technical departments and project management.

Project Development

– Mechanical, electrical and software design;
– Production of parts;
– Assembly and wiring;
– Testing with material provided by the customer: simulation of production processes that the machine will be subject to once installed at the customer’s site, checking all items of the technical specifications agreed to with the customer.


Factory Acceptance Testing with the customer.


Placing the machine at the customer site, SAT and training customer personnel.

After-Sales Service

Both for the supply of spare parts for the machines and to support customers.