Quality at work

At the heart of our work is technological innovation, technical expertise and professionalism, synonymous with high quality, reliability and efficiency. These are the prerogatives by which we develop technologies which are flexible and easy to maintain, while meeting current standards in compliance with current regulations. And it is with this commitment that we produce our machines, through continuous investment in R & D. Thanks to our internal workshop, we produce more than 80% of machine components, so we can ensure quality control on the most critical components and minimize response times to provide the best solutions for any problems.

The test of time confirms the quality and durability of our packaging machines, and history can attest that they keep operating for a long time while maintaining excellent efficiency over the years. In fact, among our clients, many continue to use Universal Pack packaging machines, even after over 30 years of operation.

Our mission is to ensure total reliability and maximum productivity at all times.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is synonymous with system solutions that guarantee high production speeds and maximum flexibility.

Together we can evaluate the performance of all packaging lines and perform an OEE audit with detailed data analysis.
Our experts determine the state of your machines, provide a coherent structure to keep track of the underlying problems and define solutions which address the root causes of inefficiency. Through continuous monitoring, we provide a strategy of successful maintenance, life cycle cost reduction and maximization of profits.

In short, OEE provides:
• increased process stability
• cost effective maintenance strategy
• life cycle cost reduction
• periodic maintenance
• service contracts

Our packaging systems are well known for their reliability guaranteed for many years of service, in some cases 30 or more.
We implement feeding groups which can handle complementary products on existing packaging systems, thus improving the flexibility of the packaging line, optimizing performance and allowing you to adapt to the changing needs of the market.