What we do

For 50 years, we have produced customized packaging machines and complete lines , emboldened by the spirit of invention which give rise to new ideas reflected in our machinery. The wide choice of solutions and the flexibility of their implementation allow us to respond effectively and efficiently to the requests we receive from all over the world and for all industry sectors.

Universal Pack’s strengths are high productivity, durability and efficiency. We specialize in multilane vertical continuous-motion primary packaging, which means working at much higher speeds than horizontal machines and operating in a smaller space than other systems.
We produce machines operated by brushless motors, which offer flexibility regarding operational parameters: sachet length, dose quantity, sealing temperature, production speed, cutting, dosing phases, etc. can be changed without any mechanical intervention, via touch screen and even during production. The quick and easy change from one product to another or from one dimension to another makes Universal Pack machines unique compared to any current competitor machine.

All operating parameters are managed electronically and self-diagnosed, so efficiency, performance, flexibility and ease of use of the machine are optimized. Thanks to a series of operating programs preset at different safety levels, it is easy to change the product, dose, or sachet dimensions with a simple tap on the touch screen.
Our staff’s skill and experience is the fruit of a rich collaboration between the wisdom and guidance offered by older generations and the energy of new ideas from the younger ones.

Here are some key features of our machines:

• They have been developed and perfected over the years to be more robust, easy to use, high performance and reliable, in order to be integrated in complete production lines;
• They are designed and built to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
• Touch screen PLC HMI for easily and clearly configuring machine features;
• Display of potential faults during operation (self-diagnosis);
• Product feeding systems;
• Predisposed for ULM certification;
• Automatic or semi-automatic counting and collating systems;
• High mechanical durability;
• Wide adjustment range, quick and easy replacement of components;
• Wide range of thermosealable packaging materials easily available on the market;
Small footprint: a single operator is enough to manage the whole packaging production line;
User-friendly design to simplify use of machinery;
Online support and remote maintenance of customer machines.

All machines are supplied with detailed technical documentation:

  • spare parts catalog for quick identification of parts and placing orders;
  • instruction manuals for machines and accessories, each manual containing separate sections for operators and technicians;
  • I/O tables, electrical and PLC documentation;
  • on request, validation protocol prepared under cGMP and GAMP5 standards;

Our experts describe all procedural phases of the machine, compile the functional and design specifications, prepare and carry out the Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) in compliance with the relevant rules and regulations.

Validation documentation is created by working closely with the customer, which may require specific tests for each machine to define the system specifications and all the test sheets required to perform the tests which the system must pass.

We can also provide training, thanks to the development of comprehensive programs that allow employees to gain the necessary knowledge and practical experience to maximize productivity without delay.

Universal Pack Certifications:

  • QP (Quality & Project Plan)
  • FS (Functional Specifications)
  • HDS (Hardware Design Specifications)
  • SDS (Software Design Specifications)
  • Program List
  • Flow chart
  • IQ/OQ Test protocol
  • Change Control Specification
  • Certificates of Product Contact Parts
  • Certificates of Critic Instruments Calibration
  • 21 CFR Part 11 (FS and Test Protocol)
  • Traceability Matrix