Vertical packaging machines for single-dose packaging

May 24, 2015

50 years of innovative solutions Ipack-Ima has been the best stage for Universal Pack where to celebrate its 50th anniversary
universalpack sachet stick pack machines manufaturer

Universal Pack, since 1965 leader in the construction of stand-alone sachet packaging machinery and complete lines, showcased its latest equipment and technological solutions at the Ipack-Ima 2015 trade exhibition, which took place in Milan, Italy, from May 19th to 22th. This exhibition, which is held every three years, is a leading global event in the packaging industry.
Universal Pack proved once again to be one of the leading exhibitors in this seventh edition of the fair, celebrating 50th years in design and manufacture of universal and flexible sachet machinery.
Universal Pack’s presentation at Ipack-Ima 2015 was innovative as an interactive, technological stand demonstrated the company’s commitment towards continual development in both the machines and complete lines.
At the Universal Pack stand, visitors had the opportunity to interact and learn more about the complete packaging lines, for Stick-Packs and 4 side seal sachets. By means of a “Dynamic Video Wall” visitors could learn about this equipment, which is fully constructed by Universal Pack, in a fun way. Entering the workings of the machines and packaging lines in this touch-less, virtual manner is an innovation which Universal Pack was the first company to introduce.
The overall result from the exhibition was satisfactory for Universal Pack with a good number of visitors and customers from all over the world and an increased number of contacts and global requests.

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Automatic vertical packaging machines for all needs: since 50 years we are bringing innovation to the world of single-dose packaging, producing high-performance automatic vertical bagging machines which we can adjust to the costumer’s specific needs. Besides single-serve packaging machines, our primary and secondary products line can satisfy the most peculiar packaging needs, producing 4 side heat-sealed bags, shaped sachets, stick-packs and hollow-punch cases. We are always in absolute control of the situation, as design, production and assembly of each packaging machine take place in our company.

Our packaging machines are designed and manufactured entirely by us, therefore we are able to produce customised machines, packaging lines and solutions for every commodity sector. In addition, it is possible to edit operational parameters via touch-screen display, with no need for mechanical intervention. Overall, all the operating parameters are electronically managed and thus they can be edited without interrupting the production phase. Furthermore, all our automatic vertical packaging machines were designed and tested to work 24/7.

Every year we invest in research and development in the field of single-dose packaging, so that our automatic vertical packaging machines can become even more trustworthy and efficient. This has allowed us to manufacture productive machines which remain excellent even after 30 years of use. Their reliability is guaranteed by our company’s factory, which produces over the 80% of the machines’ components, and strict quality control. In order to adapt the production of automatic vertical packaging machines to the market needs, we implement power supply groups to allow the existing packaging system to elaborate complementary products.