Customer care

Choosing Universal Pack means starting a journey that goes far beyond the purchase of a machine. It does not end with the sale and the delivery, but is the first step in a partnership between companies, built on respect and continuous collaboration. We will be by your side, from the design of the packaging line to its project management, from the installation to the maintenance. In our internal workshop, you will find all the components needed to maintain the efficiency of the machines we built for you, including the most important one of all: the human factor.

Comprised within the structure of our company, in fact, there are specialized, international professionals which will support you with care, listen to your requests and provide you with the best solutions. The high standards of after-sales technical assistance have always been at the center of our customer-oriented policies, thanks to our global network of collaborators. And whenever you need us, anywhere in the world, we will use our network of experts and combine their expertise to provide customized consulting solutions to meet your specific needs.

All packaging machines are equipped with a computerized system that analyzes the causes of any failures and suggests a maintenance plan tailored to the machine’s characteristics.

Besides the quality and reliability of our machines, you can rely on constant support, impeccable service, friendliness and timeliness: the reasons why so many customers continue to choose Universal Pack for their needs.

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