After-Sales Service
Our after-sales and spare parts service is composed of specialists with years of experience and proven expertise in machine maintenance.

We are available 365 days a year for any tune-ups you need or in case of unexpected downtime.

Technical assistance can range from a simple telephonic support to a direct and fast intervention on site. In order to grant the most efficient reactivity, Universal Pack has established a number of regional and local after sales services, to better fit any customers’ needs.

Our activities also include the fine tuning of the plant, so to reach the highest performances.


Trained operators have a key role for a constant and smooth operation.  Universal pack is ready to provide dedicated training sessions in addition to the standard one during start up activities,In addition, the remote assistance service allows us to connect with our customers and provide technical support so that our Service can overview the status of the production system “in real time” and better identify the solution of possible situations. It ensures effective communication, rapid response and cost savings.

Trained operators have a key role for a constant and smooth operation. Universal Pack is ready to provide dedicated training sessions in addition to the standard one during start up activities, both on the Customer’s side or in Universal Pack’ premises. An investment in training is an investment in increased productivity, overall equipment effectiveness, reduced downtime and minimized cost of ownership. Training programs can be offered as a mixed group based on pre-planned scheduled training or can be formatted for an individual customer’s specific needs.
SPARE PARTS Universal Pack Spare Parts department is strongly linked to the After Sales Service
so to grant the best synergy between the two departments. It also provides full solutions to possible critical situations on site, in the final interest of the Customer. In addition, more than 80,000 spare parts are in stock and ready to ship fast, and thanks to our many branches and agencies, we are able to deliver them in the shortest possible time. A safe management of inventory, based on optimizing downtime reduction, ensures ready availability of spare parts in order to satisfy even the most unexpected needs. Our after-sales specialists put their vast experience at the customer’s disposal, identifying part codes, preparing spare parts offers and managing orders. Universal Pack Spare Parts department can provide:
  • Recommended spare parts: Based on its experience with thousands of plants operating worldwide, Universal Pack can offer and supply a minimum package of critical spares which should be kept at the Customer’s site. These spare parts may be used both during periodical preventive maintenance, and in case of failure of a specific component.
  • Emergency spares : Universal Pack has developed an internal stock of critical spare parts. The selection of spares parts kept in stock by Universal Pack is based on a statistical study performed to identify the most common criticalities.